Use Case: Aggregated Trading Terminal

We created a trading terminal to across multiple exchanges at the same time. Using real-time data from exchanges combined with Blockchain created an aggregated trading terminal - a dashboard for automated trading, these are the features we created in this solution:

Automated Trading: Trading across exchanges and automation with millisecond latency. With custom allocations, buy low sell high traders never missed an opportunity to gain profits.

Social Trading: Users could participate in the leader board program, they could follow high performing leaders and either track or auto-clone them. Contributing leaders could share allocation strategies and earn extra income.

Back-Testing: Back-testing allows users to test their strategies to see which provides the best results. With data collection and in-depth statistical analysis and automation rules we allowed users to create a strategy with their portfolio and maximize their returns.

Market Sentiment and Research: Our solution was aggregated with market and news sentiments driven by AI so trades knew the latest market sentiments for different crypto-currencies which affects it’s value as well.

Advanced Charts and Trading Bots via Trading View: With the integration of trading view, our advanced charting solutions and pine scripts allowed trades to trade across exchanges with custom bots and charts.

Use Case: Smart Contracts and DAPPS

We developed and worked on a successful ICO including different rounds of purchases of tokens. The solution included the following:

Token creation: We created the token on the ETH blockchain using solidity. Using standard Ethereum protocols and testing it on ETH testnets.

Token Distribution: Token Distribution and ICO Management: The ICO was launched in phases and each phase had a fixed number of tokens to be distributed across the users who purchased it. The users purchased tokens via the custom smart contract created for the distribution of tokens based on set prices.

Login and Trading: Users were able to utilize the tokens by linking their Meta Mask ids and trade the tokens for different services/bots on the platform.

Profit Distribution: Users were able to earn redeem profits/earnings from the platform curated with the ability to distribute across all the contributing users making a purchase. Hence, any service/bot the users paid for, the profits were distributed and curated between all users based on their share.

DAPPs Listing: We created a DAPPs Listing across the world where different DAPPs could be listed and users could rate the DAPPs for their performance, uniqueness and their usefulness.